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"Sorrow, sensuality, and absence"
by Amanda May, The Daily Iowan

Glistening sweat slides over the cheekbones and down the neck of Diego Carrasco to the swells of the sorrowful Brazilian melodies in Armando Duarte's "Sobre Ausencia" ("About Absence"). Carrasco's muscular body cries from the absence, the longing, as a beautifully dressed female circles him.

This year's Duarte Dance Works, Quatro, blends the abstract portrayals of sorrow and sensuality. The vocabulary of movement in the first piece, "Voce nao sabe como eu te amo" ("You don't know how much I love you") ranges from raw, vulnerable shivers to striking voluptuous movement of the human form that summons visions of liquid smoothness... [read full review]

"UI career rates a 'Ten' "
ACCENT, The Gazette

IOWA CITY ‑ Stars of the Hous­ton Ballet will help Armando Duarte celebrate a decade on the faculty of the University of Iowa dance depart­ment with "Ten,' the debut of Duarte Dance Works, at 9 p.m. Fri­day and Saturday in the Space/Place Theatre of UI North Hall.

"Ten," performed by a 12‑member company of professional guest artists and UI dance students, is drawn from choreography Duarte has creat­ed or presented during his tenure at the UI, including works that have been produced in the UI Dance Company's annual Dance Gala and performed throughout the region by the dance department's touring repertory company, Dancers in Company. [read full review]

"'Texas Tanz 2002' show highlights good dancing"
By Amanda May, Houston Chronicle

Eight dances were presented at the Jewish Community Center's Texas Tanz 2002 show Saturday. With one exception, it caught the choreographers in a reflective, abstract mood. There was an abundance of dimly lit dances tinged with sadness or quiet restlessness. The dancing was generally excellent throughout. [read full review]

“Duarte program emits energy, fanciful ideas”
By Andrew Adler, The Courier Journal

It was exactly two years ago that Armando Duarte, who'd taught at the University of Iowa since 1993, organized Duarte Dance Works as a means of nurturing and present­ing his choreography in performance.

Wednesday night the Brazilian native brought four of his young dancers with him to perform a program of solos and duets at the Clifton Center... [read full review]

“Duarte group hopes to 'disappear' on College Park stage”
By Mike Bockoven, The Grand Island Independent

There's a moment during a play, a concert, a dance recital, a piece of art, where performers cease to be people on a stage and become conduits of the art they are performing.

Armando Duarte wants his 13 dancers of Duarte Dance Works, to be that conduit when they per­form Saturday night as part of College Park's "Live From the Park" performing arts series. [read full review]

80 Hours, The Daily Iowan

This year's Gala will also high­light the achievements of UI School of Music members, under the direction of William LaRue Jones, who will perform live for the final two pieces ‑ dance faculty member Armando Duarte's "Rouge" ... [read full review]

"Choreographer plans local dance company"
By Reed Dunn, Iowa City Press‑Citizen

This is a good moment in his life.

Professionally speaking, Armando Duarte is ready to start an ambitious project.  It will be called Duarte Dance Works, for now. [read full review]

"Mixing Brazilian flair with Midwestern values"
By Molly Glentzer, Houston Chronicle

Armando Duarte, a Brazilian who teaches at the University of Iowa, brought his year‑old contemporary dance company to town Saturday. Duarte has staged pieces for the Sandra Organ Dance Company, but this show at the Kaplan Theater was the first evening‑length glimpse of his work.

Could one identify Duarte's sensibility as Brazilian if it wer­en't for his music choices and the Portuguese titles of some of his dances? Perhaps. There's an edge in his occasional gestures, sexiness in his use of the hips and dramatic flair in his ensemble work Duarte is also irrepressibly romantic. [read full review]

"‘QUATRO’ a fusion of dance styles"
By Deanna Truman‑Cook, Iowa City Press-Citizen  

You won't see just one dance style in "Quatro,” you’ll see many.

The fourth production of Duarte Dance Works mixes movements and music of several South American countries with the styles of North America.

"It is very diverse," said Armando Duarte, founder and choreographer of Duarte Dance Works. “'Quatro' follows the company's tradition of presenting eclectic, colorful performances.” [read full review]

"At plié, Brazil to Brahms"
By Joanna Waggoner, The Daily Iowan

Once a work of art is performed, it no longer belongs to the artist ‑‑‑ it becomes a part of the audience. For Armando Duarte, a UI associate professor of dance, it is important that the impact be profound.

Houston Ballet stars, professional guests, and UI students form the 12‑member company that will help Duarte celebrate a decade of working at the university by performing in his work Ten. [read full review]


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